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Hello folks,

apologies for the off topic post, but in my defense, it does concern
accessibility, and there have been posts here in the past, dealing
with playing/downloading media from sites.

As the subject hints, wrn.org launched their new web site this Sunday,
and I've spent quite a bit of time on it trying to figure out how to
download content, but haven't been able to download a thing. I haven't
tried streaming anything, because I'm interested in being able to
download programs only. I've tried with ie8, and firefox3 under the
other popular os, since I haven't had time to get into gnome yet, but
I suspect that if the site wasn't useable with the first 2 options, it
probably wouldn't be any different with firefox under gnome. My
conclusion is that I'm either missing something obvious, or that more likely, they need to
fix their site's accessibility. My specific questions here are:

1. Can others confirm that it isn't possible to download programs
from their site?

2. If the above is true, I'm planning on giving them feedback on their
new site, and letting them know that unfortunately their new site
isn't fully accessible, and that I'm not able to download content, and
that I'm not alone, depending on what kind of answers will come back
to my question above. I'd like to be able to tell them specifically
what the problem is, but without knowing how this is supposed to work
for sightlings, I can't do that. I did notice that while
validator.w3.org validates their html fine, their css is full of
problems, and I plan to tell them, providing them with both URIS to
the validation results. I also want to point them to how to create
accessible pages, but wasn't sure if


was the best link to provide, or if there are better/more resources.

They also do have the ability to get podcasts via an rss feed, but to
do so, they require you to register, and I'm not going to register
with a site that's not fully accessible, in the hope that one section
of it will be accessible, (something I plan to tell them as well).

Any comments on what else I can tell them, or feedback on how to
download their content, (assuming that's possible), would be much
appreciated. If you feel this isn't appropriate for the list, feel
free to reply privately. Thanks in advance.


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