speakup using different synths with software speech?

Christopher Moore christopher.h.moore at verizon.net
Sun May 31 19:54:18 EDT 2009

On Sun, May 31, 2009 at 09:58:59PM +0200, Hermann wrote:
> am So 31. Mai 2009 um 21:31:02 schrieb William Hubbs <w.d.hubbs at gmail.com>:
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> > Tyler,
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> > I recommend getting used to espeak.  The version of eloquence on linux
> > is old, buggy, and they are not planning to upgrade it.
> > 
> He can look here:
> http://voxin.oralux.net/index.php#main
> I've bought a rather new version there a few months ago.
> Works pretty well, but to use it with Speakup Speech-Dispatcher is 
> required.
There is also a speakup connector available on the ttsynth page.  This 
allows you to run voxin or ttsynth with speakup without 
The only problem I've found with the ttsynth speakup connector is that 
it doesn't create a pid file so that it can't be stopped with a standard 
init script.  I'm working on a patch for this.
I actually prefer the speakup connector  because you get 
notified of capital letters with pitch change.  Not having a pitch 
change option for caps is a shortcoming of speech-dispatcher.
Although voxin is designed for Debian based distros, I've gotten it to 
work on arch linux.
> Note: Maybe the Emacspeak-server works as well; I remember having seen 
> something in the install script.
> Hermann
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