speakup using different synths with software speech?

James Homuth james at the-jdh.com
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Somewhat related, what's the likelyhood of Espeak voices getting
improvements to be more... I'm not sure what the word for it is, other than
human-sounding? That's been one of my main sticking points for why I'm still
with Windows on my primary machine; that, plus I've not until now had time
to test the accessibility of my particular preferred distribution. I did
hear a demonstration a while back of a version of Espeak, and while I could
definitely get used to it, I think I'd like it a whole lot better if it
didn't sound quite as robotic. I'm not saying it should equal eloquence by
any means, but the demo I heard kind of reminded me of the old Echo synths
used on the early Apple computers. Good, but could be better, IMHO. Anyway,
this was more a rambling/curiosity thing and by no means an attempt at
criticism as I've not actually gotten it running locally yet, so for all I
know my version of Espeak could already be improved over the demo I heard.

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> Tyler,
> I recommend getting used to espeak.  The version of eloquence on linux 
> is old, buggy, and they are not planning to upgrade it.
He can look here:
I've bought a rather new version there a few months ago.
Works pretty well, but to use it with Speakup Speech-Dispatcher is required.
Note: Maybe the Emacspeak-server works as well; I remember having seen
something in the install script.
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