Another *possible* bug?

Tony Baechler tony at
Sat May 30 07:16:54 EDT 2009

Hi Michael,

I think the bugs you found aren't really bugs in vim or Speakup, but 
rather something related to Curses.  Samuel or another sighted person 
can verify my guess, but I've noticed consistently that pressing the 
space bar in Mutt is silent and I sometimes get similar behavior with 
the backspace.  It is fine in Nano and most apps, but when entering an 
address in Mutt or entering a message subject, the silent space bar 
always happens.  I don't remember what program has the silent backspace 
but I think that might be Mutt also.  I think Speakup is doing exactly 
what it's supposed to do but for some reason, the characters don't 
appear where it thinks the cursor is.

While we're on the subject, I know this isn't a Speakup bug but is also 
related to Curses.  When I'm in Qemu, I have a very bad problem with the 
same text being repeated endlessly until Speakup times out because the 
synth can't keep up.  This is easily reproducable, just use something 
like this:

qemu -kernel-qemu -curses -boot d -cdrom test.iso

In my case, I'm replacing test.iso with System Rescue CD 1.2.0.  It 
reads all the boot messages several times over and over.  That also 
happens in dosemu and FreeDOS.  It's better without the -kernel-qemu 
switch but the emulation is slower.  I know it isn't related to Speakup 
because the same thing happens in ssh under Cygwin.  Is there any way to 
set Curses or Qemu to not refresh the screen as much?  If not, is there 
a way I can set Speakup to only read the screen every few seconds?  I 
fear this will only get worse with faster processors and better and 
faster virtualization technology.

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