OT: Emacspeak and Fedora

al Sten-Clanton Albert.E.Sten_Clanton at verizon.net
Fri May 29 16:58:54 EDT 2009

Has anybody been able to use Emacspeak with Fedora?  I tried and failed with
several versions of Fedora (speakup-modified versions, except for 10).
I have got it working with Debian and GRML.  In those instances, when I
installed Emacspeak, I got a list of speech output choices.  I got software
speech working:  I didn't like it much, but it did speak.
With Fedora, Emacspeak just gets installed.  If I try to use it, I typically
get stuck in it and have to reboot from another terminal.  When I use
rpm -qc emacspeak
I get no configuration files, and haven't figured out any other way what I
might do to get the speech.
Thanks for any help.

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