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Sun Aug 24 23:34:20 EDT 2008

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On Sun, Aug 24, 2008 at 06:33:51PM -0700, Hart Larry wrote:
> Well I tried changing settings in the /etc/speakup/dectlk directory, but  
> obviously just editing with nano won't just save-and-make them affective.

Obviously not. You need to do:
speakupconf load
after changing something in /etc/speakup/synth_name, in order for it
to take effect.

> Seemed that a while ago if you changed a parameter-and-it were 
> out-of-range, it would mention its alowd values.

It still does. If you didn't get an error, then your value must have
been correct. Whether you actually see the effects of the new value is
a different matter, but I just checked to be sure, and you are still
told what the valid range for a parameter is if you've put in the
wrong value.

> I also thought there were some help system for these files?

There isn't a help system for the speakup parameters as far as I know
specifically, but there is the general speakup help system which you
can access with speakup_key+f1.

> And lastly, I was most surprised that I type man speakup  and there are 
> no entries.

Why should there be? I wasn't aware of anyone having written man pages
for speakup.


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