Saving Settings?

Hart Larry chime at
Sun Aug 24 21:33:51 EDT 2008

Well I tried changing settings in the /etc/speakup/dectlk directory, but 
obviously just editing with nano won't just save-and-make them affective.
OK, here's the strange part, now when I type a capital letter, each letter is 
surrounded by 2  d  so typing cap f  would say dfd  no pitch changes, even when 
I changed values in capstart-and-stop.
Seemed that a while ago if you changed a parameter-and-it were out-of-range, it 
would mention its alowd values.
I also thought there were some help system for these files?
And lastly, I was most surprised that I type man speakup  and there are no 
Really I wish I could say any of the DecTalk issues had become better, but 
still even after an upgrade to FC9 and new colonels, still, seemingly when we 
encounter case changes, the pitch-and-rate get knocked down, I must alter the 
values by 1 to fixit, but even when I boot the machine, the pitch is set on 81 
instead of 141, the rate is 10 instead of 7.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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