Speech-Dispatcher Issues

Robert Spangler spangler.robert at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 11:32:38 EDT 2008

Thank you.  I will subscribe to the list.  The ibmtts-generic.conf file 
came with the Voxin package but I did as you said and used the one that 
was included with SD.  It appears to function better.  Now, the pitch 
only increases when I arrow over a link and only stays raised over a 
link.  I think this is something that I can resolve in Orca preferences. 
  Also, I can't seem to be able to adjust punctuation parameters - I am 
getting no punctuation and Orca and Speech-Dispatcher are set to most.


Tomas Cerha wrote:
> Robert Spangler wrote:
>> This email should probably be sent to Heinek Hanke (excuse any
>> misspellings) but I don't have his email address.
> Or even better you can use the Speech Dispatcher mailing list at
> speechd at lists.freebsoft.org (see http://www.freebsoft.org/speechd for
> more info).
>> With IBMTTS/Voxin, it doesn't appear to
>> be possible to change the rate and other params unless those params were
>> left out of the say line in ibmtts-generic.conf.
> Where did you get the ibmtts-generic.conf file?  Speech Dispatcher has a
> native module for IBM TTS and I'd recommend trying that one instead of a
> generic module.  You will probably need to recompile Speech Dispatcher
> to get the support for IBM TTS through the native module.
>> Next, and this issue occurs with
>> Espeak, too: When using Speech-Dispatcher, and I encounter something
>> that is capitalized, the synth remains in a higher-pitched voice and the
>> pitch does not drop back to its original level.
> Yes, I remember hearing about this problem already.  Unfortunately I
> don't remember where and whether it has been resolved.  It should not
> happen normally and your cooperation in finding out why it happens in
> your case would be welcome.  Can you please try turning logging on,
> performing the operation which leads to the pitch change and sending the
> logs?  If you are using SD 0.6.7, the spd-cond utility should allow you
> to do this rather easilly.  Otherwise you will need to turn on logging
> manually in speechd.conf, restarting Speech Dispatcher and then sending
> the log files from /var/log/speechd (or wherever they are on your system).
> Best regards, Tomas
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