Speech-Dispatcher Issues

Tomas Cerha cerha at brailcom.org
Mon Aug 18 03:51:45 EDT 2008

Robert Spangler wrote:
> This email should probably be sent to Heinek Hanke (excuse any
> misspellings) but I don't have his email address.

Or even better you can use the Speech Dispatcher mailing list at
speechd at lists.freebsoft.org (see http://www.freebsoft.org/speechd for
more info).

> With IBMTTS/Voxin, it doesn't appear to
> be possible to change the rate and other params unless those params were
> left out of the say line in ibmtts-generic.conf.

Where did you get the ibmtts-generic.conf file?  Speech Dispatcher has a
native module for IBM TTS and I'd recommend trying that one instead of a
generic module.  You will probably need to recompile Speech Dispatcher
to get the support for IBM TTS through the native module.

> Next, and this issue occurs with
> Espeak, too: When using Speech-Dispatcher, and I encounter something
> that is capitalized, the synth remains in a higher-pitched voice and the
> pitch does not drop back to its original level.

Yes, I remember hearing about this problem already.  Unfortunately I
don't remember where and whether it has been resolved.  It should not
happen normally and your cooperation in finding out why it happens in
your case would be welcome.  Can you please try turning logging on,
performing the operation which leads to the pitch change and sending the
logs?  If you are using SD 0.6.7, the spd-cond utility should allow you
to do this rather easilly.  Otherwise you will need to turn on logging
manually in speechd.conf, restarting Speech Dispatcher and then sending
the log files from /var/log/speechd (or wherever they are on your system).

Best regards, Tomas

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