Speech-Dispatcher Issues

Hynek Hanke hanke at brailcom.org
Mon Aug 18 07:14:40 EDT 2008

Robert Spangler wrote:
> This email should probably be sent to Heinek Hanke (excuse any 
> misspellings) but I don't have his email address.


the proper place to report such things (place where it is
guaranteed to get attention) is speechd at lists.freebsoft.org
as you can find when you type 'info speechd-up' or
'info speech-dispatcher' to get the documentation of either
of these two tools.

>  unless those params were left out of the say line in ibmtts-generic.conf.

You shouldn't use the ibmtts-generic module but the native module
named 'ibmtts'. Then its configuration file is 'ibmtts.conf'. You should
however consider that free software solutions like espeak and festival
are much better supported by Speech Dispatcher, while with proprietary
synthesizers like IBM TTS we as developers are very limited in what we
can do -- there are known issues with Dispatcher which are unlikely to
get fixed soon.

> Next, and this issue occurs with Espeak, too: When using 
> Speech-Dispatcher,
> and I encounter something that is capitalized, the synth remains in a 
> higher-pitched
> voice and the pitch does not drop back to its original level.

Since this is a problem in both synthesizers, I think it is
a bug in between Speakup and speechd-up. I think it would
be helpful to see speechd-up log after you start speechd-up
with the 'speechd-up -l 5' option. Either speechd-up doesn't
receive the command to set pitch back from Speakup or it
misinterprets it. If you could make the log, we could see
exactly what is going wrong. I know you are not the only
one seeing this behavior.

With regards,
Hynek Hanke

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