Speech-Dispatcher Issues

Robert Spangler spangler.robert at gmail.com
Sun Aug 17 21:48:14 EDT 2008

Hello All,

This email should probably be sent to Heinek Hanke (excuse any 
misspellings) but I don't have his email address.  Anyways - I set up 
Speech-Dispatcher on my system to use with Voxin/IBMTTS that I just 
purchased with Orca.  I want to say, first, that I find performance with 
Speech-Dispatcher to be slightly more responsive than Gnome-Speech. 
However, there are some issues.  With IBMTTS/Voxin, it doesn't appear to 
be possible to change the rate and other params unless those params were 
left out of the say line in ibmtts-generic.conf.  I emailed the Voxin 
maintainer regarding this issue.  Next, and this issue occurs with 
Espeak, too: When using Speech-Dispatcher, and I encounter something 
that is capitalized, the synth remains in a higher-pitched voice and the 
pitch does not drop back to its original level.  I would rather use 
Speech-Dispatcher because of its performance enhancements but these two 
issues prevent me from doing so.  Can anyone let me know if these are 
being looked into?


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