Ot: using kernel-based virtual machine to run Windows XP

Gregory Nowak greg at romuald.net.eu.org
Thu Aug 14 13:04:52 EDT 2008

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On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 03:14:28AM -0700, Tony Baechler wrote:
> You can also install XP this way with VMWare Fusion for the Mac.

Yes, but there is a difference. I've been told by the person who
demonstrated this on ACB radio's Mainmenu (a gent by the name of
Gordon I believe), that Vmware Fusion doesn't use a winnt.sif file, it
"scripts" for lack of a better word, the automatic install by itself.

> You  
> probably know this already but automatic installation only works on XP  
> Pro. If you're running Home, you're out of luck.

My understanding is that you can install all versions of xp with a
winnt.sif file. However, since the only version I've ever used is pro,
I definitely stand to be corrected on that. I can't speak for vmware
fusion here.

> Also, you still have to  
> manually enter the product code from the CD, or at least I did when I  
> installed.

If installing xp pro via winnt.sif, you don't need to enter the
product key manually, you can include it in the winnt.sif file. Now,
if you screw up when putting the product key into the winnt.sif file,
and don't get it right there, then that's a different story. Again, I
can't speak for vmware fusion, though what you say is correct, if I
remember the mainmenu demo right.

> There were still some points where I needed sighted help to  
> click on something or move to the next dialogue etc. When XP starts for  
> the first time, you get no audible feedback at all, so you would need  
> help there also until sound is working.

My experience has been that if installing xp pro via a winnt.sif file,
and using a sound card for which xp has drivers on the cd, you can just
pop your install cd in, pop your floppy with the winnt.sif file in,
and walk away. When you come back in an hour or 2, you'll be on the
desktop of your newly installed xp system, and be able to pop in the
cd for your screen reader, and go from there.


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