Ot: using kernel-based virtual machine to run Windows XP

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Thu Aug 14 06:14:28 EDT 2008


You can also install XP this way with VMWare Fusion for the Mac. You 
probably know this already but automatic installation only works on XP 
Pro. If you're running Home, you're out of luck. Also, you still have to 
manually enter the product code from the CD, or at least I did when I 
installed. There were still some points where I needed sighted help to 
click on something or move to the next dialogue etc. When XP starts for 
the first time, you get no audible feedback at all, so you would need 
help there also until sound is working.

Gregory Nowak wrote:
> Just wondering, did you do the install using a winnt.sif file, or
> manually? Since you don't load a floppy image when starting the vm,
> based on what your command-line looks like, I assume the answer is
> manually. My guess is that you wouldn't need sighted help at all, if
> installing with a winnt.sif file, as is the case when installing
> natively, or on virtual-pc/virtualbox, which are the only 2 other vms
> I've tried installing xp on thus far.

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