Ot: using kernel-based virtual machine to run Windows XP

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at charter.net
Thu Aug 14 13:31:46 EDT 2008

As far as vmware fusion is concerned for windows xp, you should need no
sighted help.  You do the preliminary setup with voiceover, pop in the cd,
come back in an hour and a half or so. the only thing you have to do
without sound is enter your password if you have one and press enter;
if you don't have a password I think it may start up by itself.
you hear the xp startup music. Then you use voiceover and go into the
menus and tell it to install or update vmware tools; there will be a
warning dialog but that's voiceover accessible. Wait a few minutes and
restart the computer, as "cancel vmware tools installation" in the menus
won't go away until you reboot. Once you reboot, either put in your
screenreader installation cd or at least start up narrator and you have
sound. If you don't have sound, you'll know because you won't hear the xp
startup music; in that case explore the window with voiceover and see if
your speakers and sound are connected. This all refers to vmware fusion.

What I would like still to do is have a vmware fusion installation of
debian linux also. Unfortunately there's not an automatic install for
that, and the prepared virtual machines I've found appear to be netinst or
some kind of installers rather than prepared debian, plus I'd have to get
speakup or brltty working to access the installation. If anybody ever
manages to do this on the Mac, please let me know.



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