pine, exim and authentication: solved with postfix

Cheryl Homiak chomiak7737 at
Thu Oct 18 19:40:28 EDT 2007

I searched the internet repeatedly and finally dredged up somebody else 
who had the same problem I had when at&t/sbc changed setups. This person, 
with some help, found a solution but was using postfix. So I cobbled 
together the debian postfix, this person's lines from his 
that had worked, and some things from a howto I quickly scanned. It 

The only problem is: I know nothing about postfix so I'm sure my 
is probably atrocious. I probably have lines that aren't needed. But I 
figure I can straighten that out later. I can now use Pine to send again.

If anybody else ever gets at&t and has the same problem I'll be happy to 
send you my postfix; hopefully by the time anybody else needs it 
I'll know what i'm doing and have it cleaned up.

thanks to Chris and Chuck and all who tried to help me with this--I know 
I'm missing somebody!!! Your efforts were much appreciated.


"Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

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