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I'm no expert at rss feeds or podcasting by any means. I am a happy user
of Lorenzo's podracer, tweaked a bit to produce audio signals when a
file arrives, but that's about it. But there are lots of rss feeds that
are not audio files, and I am happy to report there is a great little
utility to deal with them at the text console. If you have need for
such a thing, I can recommend it. It is rss2email, and  as the name
implies, it queries the rss feeds you supply it, and sends you local
email for each item ready for delivery. The name of the executable is
r2e, and the syntax at a command prompt is:

r2e command options

where "command" is one of five or six simple words, such as add,
delete, and list, for managing feeds, new to tell it your email
address, and run to make it do a query. Very simple, very neat, but now
I am getting all this tempting email and will never get anything done
any more! <>smile>


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