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Janina Sajka janina at
Sun Oct 7 09:36:56 EDT 2007

Looks more like inexperience than a crack to me.

To put it differently, I don't see the evidence.


Doug Sutherland writes:
> Michael,
> Try 
> chattr -i 
> on those files inaccessible by root.
> It should not be possible for files to be inaccessible by root.
> It is possible that you now have a rootkit installed.
> A hacker might for example replace your ls command
> and your chmod command, or any other basic utilities
> to make things appear as they are not.
> Don't leave ports open!
> Don't run services that you don't need.
> Create some detterents so they go somewhere else instead.
>   -- Doug
> > Unfortunately, it seems I've already been hacked.  Looks like I'll have
> > to do a full, scratch Slackware reinstall.  Found some hidden files in
> > my home directory that aren't even root accessible. 
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