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Gaijin gaijin at
Sun Oct 7 13:38:03 EDT 2007

Janina Sajka <janina&rednote,net> judged:
 > Looks more like inexperience than a crack to me.

     <laughs>  Yep.  You're absolutely right.  I was typing 'ls -a' 
rather than ls -ad' and was seeing the contents of subdirectories.  In 
my own defense, I didn't hear the colon.  Live and learn, I guess, as I 
discovered my mistake yesterday when I was backing up files.  I had been 
rereading the screen by lines instead of by words.  Those 4 and 6 keys 
on SpeakUp's keypad made all the difference.  I'm still wondering how 
the .xine directory  got there, though.  I started X11 once to see if it 
spoke, and then another time to see if Orca was installed and ready to 
go, and then gave it the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace when nothing happened.  Last 
time I played with Xine was on my old Debian system.
     Well, I'm off to see if the less command can display 300 lines of 
text per screen.  Every time I try to   "play" something from the Honor 
Harrington series of novels, my synth crashes.  I guess the PC can't 
take all the excitement of David Weber's naval engagements, or it's 
female and prefers Nora Roberts' romance novels. <grins>  Okay, so I'm 
in love with Martha Harmon-Pardee's voice.  Sue me. <grins>  The "Eve 
Dallas"Sci-Fi series suckered me in, and now I'm interested in Peabody. 
  She's scrappy.


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