Printer/scanner suggestions.

Doug Sutherland doug at
Fri Oct 5 01:26:18 EDT 2007


chattr -i 
on those files inaccessible by root.

It should not be possible for files to be inaccessible by root.
It is possible that you now have a rootkit installed.
A hacker might for example replace your ls command
and your chmod command, or any other basic utilities
to make things appear as they are not.

Don't leave ports open!
Don't run services that you don't need.
Create some detterents so they go somewhere else instead.

  -- Doug

> Unfortunately, it seems I've already been hacked.  Looks like I'll have
> to do a full, scratch Slackware reinstall.  Found some hidden files in
> my home directory that aren't even root accessible. 

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