OT: Podracer and Feedburner

Steve Holmes steve at holmesgrown.com
Mon Feb 26 14:44:43 EST 2007

Recently some folks were having trouble with podracer and parsing some
feeds and I questioned whether any of them were from feedburner.com.
That can be determined by looking at the various addresses you're
subscribed to.

Well, I don't have podracer but my home grown perl script called
plpodder, was having a problem choking on every feedburner feed.  I just
made a change and it now works again.  For background sake, my script
used the parse_file method from the XML::LibXML package to retreve the
URL and parse the feed.  This worked fine up til a week or so ago.  The
strange thing is, parse_file can accept a URL or local file name.  When
I changed the argument to parse a local file and I previously download
the same feed with wget, it worked fine.  So something is strange with
XML::LibXML->parse_file's implementation of getting documents via http
instead of local files.  I now wget the feed, then use parse_file on the
local file and it seems to be working perfectly now.  I only have one
feed that is consistently broken but it looks like ladgitmate errors in
parsing.  My previous errors with the old method claimed the file was

Anyway, podracer may be suffering something similar? I haven't changed
anything with libxml2 or any of its components so maybe feedburner has
done something which causes a timing issue with libxml?  Anyway, I'm
getting my podcasts again and that's important!:)

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