What to do if SSpeakup fails to patch?

Gregory Nowak greg at romuald.net.eu.org
Sun Feb 25 15:35:52 EST 2007

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Most people don't bother to think about how they'll cross that bridge,
until they come to it. If the patch process fails, you'll see fail
messages during the patching process, and it will tell you that it's
saving the rejected hunks into files with a .rej extension.

If you do get those errors, post them here, along with the kernel
version you're patching against. After you do that, remove the source
tree you were trying to patch against, and untar a fresh one. Then,
wait for someone to tell you how to check out a different version of
cvs speakup appropriate for your kernel, or wait for someone to post
other directions for you to follow.

Alternatively, if you want to solve this yourself, don't post anything
to the list. Instead, learn how to checkout from cvs as of a certain
date, find out on what date the kernel that came after the one you're
patching against came out by looking at the changelog, (I.E. if
patching against, find out when 2.6.19 was released), and
check out cvs speakup from before that release date. If the issue is
not one of mismatched speakup and kernel version, then search the list
archives for the solution.


On Sun, Feb 25, 2007 at 01:22:53PM -0700, Keith Hinton wrote:
> Hi,
> I've grabbed the Speakup CVS checkout script, and will be running it at some point when I find time.
> Question is, what will happen if it doesn't patch? Do I remove the kernel tarball and run it all over again?
> Or what. Let me know,
> regards,
> --Keith.
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