ot: access expert?

Karen Lewellen klewellen at shellworld.net
Mon Feb 26 15:18:47 EST 2007

Hi folks,
I know there are a few on this list who work professionally regarding 
access issues from a web standpoint.
I am seeking a pro whom I will direct to folks at jp morgan-chase.
I just had I admit a shouting match regarding a supervisor's claim that 
since the site works with jaws 7.2 it is legally accessible.
Of  course you have to be using this perhaps, I doubt it would work 
regardless, to reach it.  he would not provide this information in writing 
simply claim you can find it on their site.
If you can get there.
lots of java links, not even javascript .

Never mind my pointing out that access is not tied to the screen reader 
but the site itself.
let alone the holes in jaws itself.
Any takers?
  on a side note, I would welcome finding an expert for a possible radio 
piece too.
Thanks and off-list replies welcome,

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