Espeak, gnome-speech and alsa

Gilles Casse gcasse at
Mon Feb 19 11:54:51 EST 2007


> When using the espeak binary (not the speak, not tried that, so using the 
> shared lib), I now have quite a long delay from pressing the enter key after 
> typing the command and the speech. 

This one is related to PortAudio V19 and depends on the current chipset.
The PortAudio mailing list has been contacted.
In principle, this issue  only affects the command line (or
Speech-Dispatcher or gnome-speech).

Could you please indicate which is your sound chip or audio card?

> When using the espeak 
> command, if I have speakup speaking (using speechd-up and speech-dispatcher, 
> producing sound using alsa) then espeak can start speaking across the output 
> (multiple sound output, possibly success), but if espeak starts speaking 
> before speakup is made to speak, then espeak blocks the sound card and 
> speakup speech doesn't come through. 

This behaviour might be hopefully improved in eSpeak for some chipsets.
Otherwise, patch might be offered to PortAudio.

A little bit of development time is needed.




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