Espeak, gnome-speech and alsa

Michael Whapples mikster4 at
Mon Feb 19 18:14:42 EST 2007

The chipset in question is a built in audio device on a laptop and alsa uses 
the I82801DBICH4 driver. As far as things seem to go, normally this has 
behaved well, but I don't know technically whether there may be some 

Michael Whapples
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Subject: Re: Espeak, gnome-speech and alsa

> Hi,
>> When using the espeak binary (not the speak, not tried that, so using the
>> shared lib), I now have quite a long delay from pressing the enter key 
>> after
>> typing the command and the speech.
> This one is related to PortAudio V19 and depends on the current chipset.
> The PortAudio mailing list has been contacted.
> In principle, this issue  only affects the command line (or
> Speech-Dispatcher or gnome-speech).
> Could you please indicate which is your sound chip or audio card?
>> When using the espeak
>> command, if I have speakup speaking (using speechd-up and 
>> speech-dispatcher,
>> producing sound using alsa) then espeak can start speaking across the 
>> output
>> (multiple sound output, possibly success), but if espeak starts speaking
>> before speakup is made to speak, then espeak blocks the sound card and
>> speakup speech doesn't come through.
> This behaviour might be hopefully improved in eSpeak for some chipsets.
> Otherwise, patch might be offered to PortAudio.
> A little bit of development time is needed.
> Cheers,
> Gilles
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> Oralux

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