Regarding latest CVS Tarball

Tomas Cerha cerha at
Mon Feb 19 01:57:11 EST 2007

Keith Hinton wote:
> I am sitting on the edge of my chair waiting for the day that 
> speech-dispatcher 0.62 and speechd-up0.5 are released, or whatever.

Well, if you tried sitting also on the edge of the Speech Dispatcher by
testing the CVS tarballs that Hynek Hanke provided, that might help
solving these problems for you and others as well.  Without knowing that
this fix really fixes the problem it doesn't make much sense to release
a new version.  The warning was more because this unofficial version
should not be distributed than because it is something exceptionally
dangerous...  Thank you very much for any feedback.

Kindest regards, Tomas

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