Regarding latest CVS Tarball

Hynek Hanke hanke at
Mon Feb 19 07:13:28 EST 2007

Keith Hinton píše v Ne 18. 02. 2007 v 21:59 -0700:
> It didn't go through it's proper testing?
> Well, could you perhaps have that proper testing take place?

Hello Keith,

I think there is a misunderstanding going on there. Given the very
limited resources we Free Software accessibility developers have
and given the model of Free Software development itself, the
developement of software is highly dependent on the help we receive from
the community. We depend on your help with our software and with our
motivation to continue the work. See us as your colleagues, not your
slaves. (This is very different from the proprietary model of
developement of software.)

In this particular case, we need confirmation from someone reporting the
bug, that the issue has been fixed before we proceed with making the
release. I don't see how we could test it on our machines since it is
not crashing on our machines (including AMD64). I'd like to stress that
it is you, not me, who can make the release faster or slower.

But if you don't want to experiment, this is ok. You are not required to
(the exact reason of my warning). Just have patience. Some other people
will test it. Lorenzo Taylor was very helpful in this. I hope there will
be an official release as soon as possible.

Have a nice day,
Hynek Hanke

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