Regarding latest CVS Tarball

Keith Hinton keithint38 at
Sun Feb 18 23:59:25 EST 2007

It didn't go through it's proper testing?
Well, could you perhaps have that proper testing take place?
I would rather that happened before I touch it.
As I have stated in a previous post, the day Mr. Tayler runs Speakup and 
Speechd-up without speechd-up being chrashed by the C interface library, I 
will kindly try it.
But the effort it takes to crash speechd-up (to have our suspect C library) 
crash spechd-up is just too little.
I just booted into my Linux OS on this dual-boot box only to have 
speech-crash within 3 seconds of moving around the screen.
It's been an upsetting issue for several months now, practically rendering 
my Linux box useless. Please keep me updated, either on or off list by 
sending an email to:
keithint38 at
I am sitting on the edge of my chair waiting for the day that 
speech-dispatcher 0.62 and speechd-up0.5 are released, or whatever.
Just as long as there is a day that speakup is at least useable with 
speechd-up without having to constantly restart it.

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