slightly o-t, looking for os help

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I tried Chris's idea, and I see a port where power should probably be on the
floppy drive.
Only thing, is I can't find a chord that goes to the power on the floppy.
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> If you are building an os for fun, it might be good to use
> an emulator rather than physical hardware. There are
> many around for example bochs will emulate the x86
> hardware, and there are others for ARM and countless
> other architectures.
> On x86 the BIOS will expect a bootloader in a the first
> sector of the first fixed drive. Then it does a bootloader
> chain from there to other bootloaders (ie linux lilo can
> boot initially then point to ntloader which loads windows).
> You have source available for various x86 bootloaders
> like lilo, grub, etc to peruse.
> On embedded systems there is fixed flash hardware
> and you can look at the source for u-boot, redboot,
> and many others.
> If you have not tried the linuxfromscratch exercise,
> that is very interesting, especially to understand how
> linux and the whole GNU toolchain works.
> The way toolchains work for embedded is very much
> like the linuxfromscratch, except building smaller
> using tiny libraries (uclibc, newlib etc) and tiny
> executables (busybox and the like) and building for
> a different target architecture. There is something
> called crosstool to assist in building toolchains for
> different architectures. If its all for fun you could
> for example build an ARM toolchain and load onto
> virtual hardware (emulator) and it would be just
> like loading onto a PDA or phone.
> Just playing with linuxfromscratch can keep one busy
> for some time, getting into cross development tools
> can keep one busy for a very long time. Building your
> own OS from scratch, perhaps you should get someone
> to slide pizza under the door every once in a while :)
>   -- Doug
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