slightly o-t, looking for os help

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lol, yes, I like the stability of linux.
I'm sorry for all the questions, but when I try to mount my floppy, it
doesn't work, says it can't open, and a few other errors.
now, I'm off to find cmos immages for bochs. whee :)
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> The mount command usually requires both a device name
> and mount point unless the device name is listed in your
> /etc/fstab. Look there for the floppy drive info, mine is:
> /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy auto noauto,owner 0 0
> To mount this in the fully qualified way would be:
> mount /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy
> Note that the file system type is set to auto in /etc/fstab.
> It should automagically determine the file system type.
> And since it's in fstab, I can also do just
> mount /mnt/floppy
> Same is true for cdrom and any other mount point,
> if they are defined properly in /etc/fstab you can
> simply mount the mount name and skip the device.
> This assumes that the device exists and there is
> proper media inserted etc.
> For more info on mounting
> also commands
> man mount
> man umount
> man fstab
> And the dosfstools docs for formatting and such
> I appreciate linux more and more every day, even
> still, started with redhat 5 almost 10 years ago, it
> gets better all the time. My system is dare I say
> more stable than windows will ever be.
>   -- Doug
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