Speech-Dispatcher and Punctuation

Jonathan Duddington jsd at clara.co.uk
Sun Feb 4 17:15:36 EST 2007

In article <20070204211210.GC20015 at lnx3.holmesgrown.com>,
   Steve Holmes <steve at holmesgrown.com> wrote:

> Why are so many punctuation chars stripped out by default? Even when
> I try to not strip any chars, many still don't get spoken by espeak;
> any reason for this? 

Usually the names of punctuation characters are spoken by the program
which calls eSpeak.

However, you can make eSpeak speak punctuation characters by using its
command-line option: 
  espeak --punct

Or if you want it to speak only some punctuation characters, you can
give it a string which contains those punctuation characters, eg.
  espeak --punct=",.?!"

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