Speech-Dispatcher and Punctuation

Steve Holmes steve at holmesgrown.com
Sun Feb 4 16:12:10 EST 2007

When I use Speech-Dispatcher combined with Speechd-up and Speakup, I can
use it with good punctuation control as Speakup does all the work from
what I can tell.  I now have it working well with both Espeak and
Cepstral voices.

Where I have a problem is with other applications outside the
Speakup/Speechd-up relm.  An example would be speechd-el under Emacs.
In there, I lose all punctuation characters.  Given these facts, one
would conclude that speechd-el would be the problem.  Well not the case.
I tested spd-say the command client that talks to speech-dispatcher, and
it also dropped many punct characters.  I started messing with the
variable in the driver configuration file for speech-dispatcher that
strips out various punctuation characters from being spoken.  Why are so
many punctuation chars stripped out by default? Even when I try to not
strip any chars, many still don't get spoken by espeak; any reason for

I guess what I'm looking for would be a good background explanation for
character stripping and what should be passed through to the synths.
I'm just trying to get all this together so I can use speech-dispatcher
with multiple environments.  Frankly so far, I find it most compatible
with the Speakup/Speechd-up environment.

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