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Kerry Hoath kerry at gotss.net
Sun Dec 30 22:06:46 EST 2007

We could argue this till the cows come home but personally I think jaws is 
more popular because it has context sensitive help; tutorial messages; 
documentation in windows help format;
custom prompts per application and the ability to hit
insert h or insert f1 quickly to get application specific help.
the training material is also in daisy format; reads well and is easy enough 
to navigate.
Perhaps it's what you are used to but when learning Windoweyes I found that 
the documentation was mountainous; the bloke douing the tutorial had an 
annoying lispy voice and that it took ages for you to learn the things you 
needed to be productive.
this of course is said with the understanding that I use Jaws as my primary 
screen reader and it's what i'm used to.
Of course learning a new interface is a hard slog; and I haven't invested a 
lot of time in it.
I'd rather use voiceover and saphari than Windoweyes on the internet; since 
I don't enjoy Windoweyes's internet support especially on pages with 
Regards, Kerry.

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> Not that it is like Jaws, but I have used many screen-readers in my 20 
> years
> with computers, and the keyboard mapping that JFW uses is, in my opinion,
> the most intuitive.
> I think that is why JFW stayed so popular, as it got off "in the lead"
> because of its keyboard layout, not because of its stability, which has 
> not
> been one of its strengths.
> Glenn

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