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Kerry Hoath kerry at gotss.net
Sun Dec 30 19:41:42 EST 2007

This is easy enough to do yourself. You simply need to learn how to use
loadkeys and dumpkeys and map the necessary scan-codes to speakup functions.

Whilst you may enjoy a common keyboard layout across systems and screen
readers; each screen reader has its own way of doing things and a common
layout does not provide all functionality for every screen reader.
Speakup maps its key layout to one aproaching asap.
Perhaps you have not used asap; however you'd be familiar with speakup's
layout if you had.
Of course it could have been mapped to the layout of softvert, jaws for dos,
flipper or whatever.

I use Jaws, flipper (on occation), asap, voiceover on the mac and Nvda. They
all have different keyboard layouts which helps me remember what sort of box
i'm working on at the time.
If I want Jaws to look like Windoweyes; I can remap the keyboard. Same goes
for the Mac looking like jaws, or for that matter speakup.
Personally; i'd rather get on with learning my platform of choice and find a
new keyboard layout a minor hinderance.
that's of course personal preference and what works for me won't necessarily
work for anyone else.
Speakup provides the hooks for you to call its functions; you just have to
remap the keyboard; a task easily done by the user in user space.

Of course your keymap will probably assume a certain type of keyboard; so
we'd need a map for every style of keyboard that people might use; that's
where it gets tricky.

The crucial difference between the jaws numpad layout and speakup is that
the number pad has been changed to a degree;
7 8 and 9 move by lines; 4 5 and 6 by words and 1 2 and 3  move by

any keys beyond this of course tend to be screen reader specific and don't
map directly. Jawskey plus T is unlikely to be useful on a console.
Still; do let us know if you succeed in getting a jaws keymap built for
everyone to use; i'm sure Kirk would be happy to put it on the site for
those who desire it.

Regards, Kerry.

> * I sure hope that someone would get back to work on making a keyboard
> layout like JFW.
> That is the one thing that really bugs me about Speakup.
> I think it may make sense to some folks, but I think that the JFW layout
> is
> the most intuitive, and I don't care to switch back and fourth between
> keyboard layouts.  There was once a layout for JFW-style keystrokes, but I
> don't think it has been kept up.
> I think more people would go for SpeakUp if that was available.  GW-Micro
> was wise to implement this in W.E.
> Glenn
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