portage question about installing utelnetd

nick at nickgawronski.com nick at nickgawronski.com
Fri Aug 10 10:48:25 EDT 2007

Hi, Well I found out that the bsd telnet programs include a telnet
server so that is probably why it would not let me install another one.On
Fri, 10 Aug 2007, Joseph C. Lininger wrote:

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> Hey there Nick,
> It means that either a package or one of it's dependencies is masked.
> There are two types of masking, and what you should do depends on how
> the package is masked exactly. Any way you can show me what you typed
> and exactly how portage responded?
> As an alternative, you could emerge netkit-telnetd, different telnet
> server. I use it only for the telnet client, so can't compare the two
> server programs. Either way, learning about masked packages is worth
> your time if you are seriously going to use Gentoo.
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> Joseph C. Lininger, <jbahm at pcdesk.net>
> Nick Gawronski wrote:
> > Hi, When trying to install utelnetd the telnet server in gentoo I get
> > the following message all ebuilds required to install utelnetd are
> > masked.  What does this mean and how can I fix this so I can have a
> > working telnet server on my system?  I have looked but can't find this
> > information on the hand book or in the manual page.
> >
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