portage question about installing utelnetd

Joseph C. Lininger jbahm at pcdesk.net
Fri Aug 10 06:19:07 EDT 2007

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Hey there Nick,
It means that either a package or one of it's dependencies is masked.
There are two types of masking, and what you should do depends on how
the package is masked exactly. Any way you can show me what you typed
and exactly how portage responded?

As an alternative, you could emerge netkit-telnetd, different telnet
server. I use it only for the telnet client, so can't compare the two
server programs. Either way, learning about masked packages is worth
your time if you are seriously going to use Gentoo.

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Joseph C. Lininger, <jbahm at pcdesk.net>

Nick Gawronski wrote:
> Hi, When trying to install utelnetd the telnet server in gentoo I get 
> the following message all ebuilds required to install utelnetd are 
> masked.  What does this mean and how can I fix this so I can have a 
> working telnet server on my system?  I have looked but can't find this 
> information on the hand book or in the manual page.

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