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Wed Feb 1 10:36:58 EST 2006

Hi Anne and everyone,

	Linux can be >made< to run on pretty much "any" hardware, given enough time/effort/dedication to porting linux to that hardware.

	To write a driver for a particular device, one has to either get the specifications of that hardware device from the manufacturer and then write the software device driver for it. that's the easy way... If the manufacturer refuses to make the specifications available for his device, either you forget it, or "reverse engineer" the device, which probably breaks some copyright/patent laws and almost certainly voids any warranty you may have from the manufacturer.

	The term "proprietary" means that the manufacturer will not make the specifications available.

	that being said... Linux is running on a wide range of hardware, as has been said. As for PDA's, it currently is running on HP Ipaq's and a couple of others. There is a very active group working on a port to the Dell Axiom x50/x50v.

	If you want linux on a small handheld device (I do)... pick the device you want and do some googling t see if linux is available for that device.... If it is, you're laughing. Ifnot, you have three options: 1) get to work and port linux to the device yourself, 2) wait and watch to see if/when someone else does it, or 3) choose a different device.

	Be aware though that if you are not up to the task of porting linux to  your chosen device (it is no small task at best), people who are capable of doing it will not usually take well to you complaining about it not being done... You complaining will NOT accelerate the process.

	There is one hurdle that must be addressed too, even after linux is running on your chosen device. If you want speakup on that device you will almost certainly want software speech on that small device, and currently that is a large hurdle to get over. 

	So, if you want linux on your braille note, go ahead...



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