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If keysoft or who ever the hell owns the thing doesn't give you the info 
doesn't give you the info, I say reverse the thing!
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> Hi Anne and everyone,
> Linux can be >made< to run on pretty much "any" hardware, given enough 
> time/effort/dedication to porting linux to that hardware.
> To write a driver for a particular device, one has to either get the 
> specifications of that hardware device from the manufacturer and then 
> write the software device driver for it. that's the easy way... If the 
> manufacturer refuses to make the specifications available for his device, 
> either you forget it, or "reverse engineer" the device, which probably 
> breaks some copyright/patent laws and almost certainly voids any warranty 
> you may have from the manufacturer.
> The term "proprietary" means that the manufacturer will not make the 
> specifications available.
> that being said... Linux is running on a wide range of hardware, as has 
> been said. As for PDA's, it currently is running on HP Ipaq's and a couple 
> of others. There is a very active group working on a port to the Dell 
> Axiom x50/x50v.
> If you want linux on a small handheld device (I do)... pick the device you 
> want and do some googling t see if linux is available for that device.... 
> If it is, you're laughing. Ifnot, you have three options: 1) get to work 
> and port linux to the device yourself, 2) wait and watch to see if/when 
> someone else does it, or 3) choose a different device.
> Be aware though that if you are not up to the task of porting linux to 
> your chosen device (it is no small task at best), people who are capable 
> of doing it will not usually take well to you complaining about it not 
> being done... You complaining will NOT accelerate the process.
> There is one hurdle that must be addressed too, even after linux is 
> running on your chosen device. If you want speakup on that device you will 
> almost certainly want software speech on that small device, and currently 
> that is a large hurdle to get over.
> So, if you want linux on your braille note, go ahead...
> --terry
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