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there are a lot of processors that are built into linux rite now that I am 
sure weren't supported a long time ago. If you say "No, we can't do it", 
then we can't. Same thing with every day life. If someone puts you on a 
computer for your first time, and you say "no, I can't do it," then you 
can't, personally, who ever thought of the idea of taking the text to speech 
was a freaken genious! And, he didn't let himself get held back, he didn't 
say I can't use a computer, just because someone hasn't done it for me. He 
got off his butt and did it!

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> On Wed, Feb 01, 2006 at 08:32:05 AM -0500, Ann K. Parsons wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> No, the BrailleNote's OS is Window-CE, but it's interface is
>> proprietory.  You cannot put Linux on it.  You can, however use BrlTTY
>> with a PC running Linux.  Sorry, but that's the story.
> Well when I got it my pc's OS was windows 98 and its interface was
> claimed to pe proprietary. Windows CE isn't magic or anything, it runs
> on processors just like linux. I believe the bn uses an xscale processor
> or some such which if it isn't supported yet likely will be at some
> point. A big difficulty likely to be encountered is with geting
> specifications for the hardware out of humanware without them wanting an
> NDA signed. That was IIRC a big part of the problem in supporting the
> keynote synthesizers with speakup. Without specifications its left to
> developers to reverse engineer protocols and such for using the
> hardware. Given that we have a very limited group of developers, myself
> definitely excluded, with the skills to do all this work and we don't
> have the whole big world of linux developers hacking on braillenotes
> linux on a bn isn't impossible by any means, but will take a lot of time
> and interest from people with knowhow.
> Well there's my take, and now its time for me to work on getting more of
> that knowhow I was talking about.
> P.S. if you really want linux, brltty, and speakup on a braillenote send
> a BN to Linus, Kirk, and whoever the brltty guy is, and hell if you have
> that kind of money you can send one my way too. *grin*
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