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Janina Sajka janina at
Sat Feb 26 18:04:28 EST 2005

Unfortunately, this problem you've stumbled into is all too common,
especially for people installing for the first time.

If you already have Linux, you can run what's called an md5sum check on
the downloaded image files, and also on your burned disks. This is the
only sure way to tell you haven't mixed versions--and it's extremely
important not to mix versions as you've now discovered.

If you can't run md5sum, for example because you only have Windows now,
you can certainly look at the iso file byte size and date stamps. That
should indicate whether or not you've mixed versions.

I'm very sorry, but you'll need to get a complete set in order to
install successfully.

Al Puzzuoli writes:
> Hi all,
> i'm having a problem and I'm not sure whether I'm hosed or if there's a way 
> to continue without redownloading everything.
> After downloading the majority of FC3 from the site John has so kindly made 
> available, I thought I was ready to start my install.  However, before I 
> knew about John's site, I downloaded some of the isos from linux-speakup, 
> and I don't remember now which isos I got from which site. At the time, I 
> assumed they were the same version.
> At any rate, after I burned my disks, the first problem I noticed was that 
> for some reason, my disk 1 wasn't bootable.  I then burned the boot.iso 
> image from that disk, which booted fine.  I thought I was off and running, 
> the install asked me all of its questions and began chugging along on disk 
> 1.  However, it then asked for disk 2.  I put in what should have been disk 
> 2 and was told "wrong cd-rom".
> So, now what?  I don't know if the isos on John's site are a different 
> version, or if one of the disk 2 isos is really not disk 2, or if I got a 
> bad download of something... grumble!
> Is there a way to identify the disks and/or versions by looking at the 
> directories?
> Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated. 
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