instalation problem-- was Re: fc3 download

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Sat Feb 26 18:29:49 EST 2005

Hi Janina,

Sigh.  I take it no  progress  has been made on the mirror yet right?  I was 
planning on getting this done this weekend but at this point, the download 
speeds being what they are, I'm not sure if that's possible any longer.


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> Unfortunately, this problem you've stumbled into is all too common,
> especially for people installing for the first time.
> If you already have Linux, you can run what's called an md5sum check on
> the downloaded image files, and also on your burned disks. This is the
> only sure way to tell you haven't mixed versions--and it's extremely
> important not to mix versions as you've now discovered.
> If you can't run md5sum, for example because you only have Windows now,
> you can certainly look at the iso file byte size and date stamps. That
> should indicate whether or not you've mixed versions.
> I'm very sorry, but you'll need to get a complete set in order to
> install successfully.
> Al Puzzuoli writes:
>> Hi all,
>> i'm having a problem and I'm not sure whether I'm hosed or if there's a 
>> way
>> to continue without redownloading everything.
>> After downloading the majority of FC3 from the site John has so kindly 
>> made
>> available, I thought I was ready to start my install.  However, before I
>> knew about John's site, I downloaded some of the isos from linux-speakup,
>> and I don't remember now which isos I got from which site. At the time, I
>> assumed they were the same version.
>> At any rate, after I burned my disks, the first problem I noticed was 
>> that
>> for some reason, my disk 1 wasn't bootable.  I then burned the boot.iso
>> image from that disk, which booted fine.  I thought I was off and 
>> running,
>> the install asked me all of its questions and began chugging along on 
>> disk
>> 1.  However, it then asked for disk 2.  I put in what should have been 
>> disk
>> 2 and was told "wrong cd-rom".
>> So, now what?  I don't know if the isos on John's site are a different
>> version, or if one of the disk 2 isos is really not disk 2, or if I got a
>> bad download of something... grumble!
>> Is there a way to identify the disks and/or versions by looking at the
>> directories?
>> Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.
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