instalation problem-- was Re: fc3 download

Al Puzzuoli alpuzz at
Sat Feb 26 17:07:23 EST 2005

Hi all,
i'm having a problem and I'm not sure whether I'm hosed or if there's a way 
to continue without redownloading everything.

After downloading the majority of FC3 from the site John has so kindly made 
available, I thought I was ready to start my install.  However, before I 
knew about John's site, I downloaded some of the isos from linux-speakup, 
and I don't remember now which isos I got from which site. At the time, I 
assumed they were the same version.

At any rate, after I burned my disks, the first problem I noticed was that 
for some reason, my disk 1 wasn't bootable.  I then burned the boot.iso 
image from that disk, which booted fine.  I thought I was off and running, 
the install asked me all of its questions and began chugging along on disk 
1.  However, it then asked for disk 2.  I put in what should have been disk 
2 and was told "wrong cd-rom".

So, now what?  I don't know if the isos on John's site are a different 
version, or if one of the disk 2 isos is really not disk 2, or if I got a 
bad download of something... grumble!

Is there a way to identify the disks and/or versions by looking at the 

Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated. 

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