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On Mon, Feb 14, 2005 at 11:12:07PM -0700, Ned wrote:
> SO tell me, is there 
> any other more friendly remote client like telnet or something.
> Plese people, encourage me in these tough times and tell me what to do? 

What I think you should do is bite the bullet, make some space on your
windows drive, or put a second drive into your system, and install a
distribution of good old gnu/linux. If your windows partition is
fat32, you can even skip doing all that, and have a small gnu/linux
install running on your system in 5 minutes by using
zipslack/zipspeak. Or, if you don't want to do even that, run a live
gnu/linux off cd-rom, such as the slackware live cd, system rescue cd,
or I even think there's a speakup-enabled nopix. The point to this
advise is that you will find that using speakup with ssh or telnet
(the use of telnet isn't recommended by the way, due to security
concerns), is almost like using your local system, instead of a remote
one. In fact, if the latency is non-existent, I sometimes forget I'm
using a remote console.


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