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Tue Feb 15 14:20:04 EST 2005

On Mon, Feb 14, 2005 at 11:12:07PM -0700, Ned wrote:
> HI all,
> I just came back from my Unix class and my teacher is getting desparate 
> with me. I used pico to write a little paragraph -- which went ok until I 
> tried to go back to some words to correct them. Because we use putty, I 
> can't focus the cursor on a particular letter to -- say -- delete it, and 
> everything got mmessed up. Then using VI, Iwas supposed to edit a paragraph 
> of text. After he saw what I did, he went speachless. SO tell me, is there 
> any other more friendly remote client like telnet or something.
> Plese people, encourage me in these tough times and tell me what to do? I 
> appologize for posting a question little off the topic, but putty is 
> actually using Unix commands sent to it from the machine running it.
> Many thanks in advance good people.
> Ned

Hmmm, I can not find a `putty` program here on my Slackware Linux
box.  In any case, plain old `telnet` is not used too much these days
because of security concerns--`ssh` has replaced `telnet` for most
remote shell logins almost everywhere.  I have used `ssh` successfully
for some time to log into various systems, and I recommend strongly
that you give it a try.  HTH, and have a _great_ day!

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