error message, keyboard not working as a result

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Wed Feb 2 12:34:24 EST 2005

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Hi all. Recently or maybe not so recently I reported on a problem I was having with the keyboard not working on my laptop, and I thought this problem was particular to Speakup-2.00 Dec 28. As 
a result, I rebuilt my kernel using Speakup v-2.00 CVS: Thu May 13 15:58:27 EDT 2004. It would appear that the problem is not specific to that particular version of Speakup. A few minutes ago 
I recorded all the kernel hardware messages, and I was finally able to capture the error message I kept getting before the kernel finally successfully booted. Note that my spelling may be a 
bit off, due to the Dectalk's pronunciation: atkbd.c: Unknown key pressed translated set 0, code 0X1D on ISA 0060/Serio 0 atkbd.c: Use 'setkeycode 1D keycode' to make it known.

I got a couple more of these messages, however the next two/three times I heard that message it was talking about a key being released instead of pressed. The only workaround I have found for 
this problem is to wait until the system boots, and then echo the Dectalk to /proc/speakup/synth_name after I login. Does anyone know where these messages are coming from, so that I might be 
able to try to fix the problem? Thanks!
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