debian speakup installation problems

hank hank at
Thu Oct 7 01:36:46 EDT 2004

hello I have the following system I am trying to get debian on.
p4 2.4 ghz
debian cd iso downloaded off of speakup site
the sarge
my 2 synthisizers I have access to is 1 echo pc external and 2 a keynote 
external synth think its keynote sa or something like that.
when I type in linux speakup_synth=bnx for the echo supposively the echo 
works with drivers for bns the normal choose language screen comes up
any ideas why the thing isn't working?
if you would like to talk to me directly you can click below to call me on 
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> You're not going to mess anything up by becoming an ordinary user. But,
> perhaps you don't have accessibility installed and adapting that could
> take you into a thicket--arguably.
> So, the Fry's box is a good bet. If you want to look at Fedora, look at
> the Speakup Modified Fedora Distribution:
> We have a installation HOWTO there:
> The idea is that the installation process, as well as the result, is
> speech enabled with Speakup.
> One can also, of course, do this with Slack or Debian or Gentoo--but no
> installation HOWTO, so you might want to look at ours even if you
> install one of the other distributions.
> Butch Bussen writes:
>> Actually, I plan on installing a Linux box just to run on its own, but
>> this one is operational, and I'm afraid to mess with it for fear of
>> breaking something that is working.  f y i, i r l p is internet radio
>> linking project and is used by ham radio people to tie repeater systems
>> and so forth together via the internet.  All of the supporting software 
>> is
>> done in Linux.  Some of it, as I understand, is specialized code.
>> Actually, I picked up a cheap computer at Fries last week end.  It has
>> some offbrand of a gui Linux on it I've never heard of, so plan on 
>> blowing
>> all that away and installing fedora or possibly slackware.  I looked
>> around slackware's page and didn't really see anything about speech.
>> Anyhow, that is where I am at the moment.
>> 73s
>> Butch Bussen
>> wa0vjr
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