trying to install RedHat

Janina Sajka janina at
Mon Dec 2 21:05:34 EST 2002

My comments interspersed below.

Glenn Ervin writes:
> Yes, I did read the how to, and it referred to installing from the ISO, but
> it said nothing about putting them in one directory, and it did not say that
> they do not need to be extracted.

The paragraph immediately above the one about Linux and Window speak,
which you so accurately paraphrase below, says:

  "Will a Hard Disk Installation Work For You?

   "Now that you have the iso images for the Speakup Modified Red Hat
   distribution, you may not need to actually create CD ROMs from these
   images in order to install. If you downloaded these files to a
   directory you will not be formatting, such as your Windows Desktop,
   for example, you can simply use these files as your installation
   media, provided that you still have at least 3.5 gigabytes of free
   disk space for the actual Linux installation itself."

I regard the clase, "you can simply use these files as your installation
   media," as the key phrase here. True, it doesn't say "don't extract."
But it does say "use these files," and does not say "open them up and
expose the stuff inside."

I guess I'll consider how to make this clearer for the next edition of
the HOWTO. I guess I just didn't expect this one to be misunderstood.

You continue:

> Also, the how to did indeed say that when referring to files in a microsoft
> file system, that drives are as /devhda1 , and subdirectories are referred
 > to as /windows, or windows/desktop , for example.
> Note that in this and my original post, I used forward slashes, as the how
> to mentions.
> I do indeed understand that linux does not speak windows, as I have already
> heard too many times.
> Thanks for any suggestions.

Good. You do seem to understand this, though your earlier email wasn't
clear about this, as I recall. In other words, you said "on C:," but
didn't say which /dev/ device.

Regardless, kill those directories you created. They're just wasting
space. Instead, put at least the first three ISO image files in one
folder/directory. It can even be in the root of that partition.

When you get to the screen that asks "What media contains the
installation images?," arrow down to hard drive.

On the next screen you'll need to arrow down to the correct /dev/
partition, then tab once. That will place you in an edit field where you
can specify the directory where the iso images are. If they're in the
root, just leave this blank.

Tab again to the OK button and p[ress enter.

Hope this helps.

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