trying to install RedHat

Janina Sajka janina at
Mon Dec 2 12:34:48 EST 2002

Glenn Ervin writes:
> The installation program keeps looking in /devhda1, and I thought that my c
> drive was /devhda .

There is no such thing as slash d e v h d a. You'r missing a slash. 

Furthermore, /dev/hda is your disk, and not a partition on that disk. Therefore, the installer is probably guessing correctly. /dev/hda1 would be the
first partition on your first hard drive.

> Is there a good DOS utility for burning a CD from ISOs?

Yes, and it's described at length in the HOWTO:

Don't ask us to repeat ourselves on the list. That isn't nice.

> Or, how can I tell the install program where to find the installation CDs?

Also, described at length in the HOWTO. rtfm.

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