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Hi Janina,
Yes, I did read the how to, and it referred to installing from the ISO, but
it said nothing about putting them in one directory, and it did not say that
they do not need to be extracted.
Also, the how to did indeed say that when referring to files in a microsoft
file system, that drives are as /devhda1 , and subdirectories are referred
to as /windows, or windows/desktop , for example.
Note that in this and my original post, I used forward slashes, as the how
to mentions.
I do indeed understand that linux does not speak windows, as I have already
heard too many times.
Thanks for any suggestions.
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You're not reading the HOWTO. Because, if you were, you wouldn't be making
this mistake, and you'd be further along in your installation.

1.) You cannot expect to have Linux speak Windows terminology. The HOWTO
explains that, and your message below is still confused on this point. In
other words, there is no such thing as "C:" on Linux, and I can't help you
properly until you name "C:" for me in Linux-speak, not Windows-speak.

2.) There's no need to put each iso image in a separate directory. In fact,
I think you've compounded the mistake. I bet you haven't really put the
image in those directories, but rather the file tree which the image holds.
This is wrong, and the HOWTO discusses this.

3.) If you're not formatting whatever partition "C:" actually is, you most
certainly can install from the iso image files. You don't need to
extract anything, the Linux installer will happily take care of all of that.
Just put them in the appropriate /dev/ device, and tell the installer you
want a hard-drive installation. You'll need to specify the appropriate mount
point, of course.

PS: If "mount point" and "/dev" still sounds like mumbo jumbo, read the
HOWTO. You're not going to succeed until you get a rudimentary grasp of
terms. The HOWTO will help. Zipspeak will not.

Glenn Ervin writes:
> From: "Glenn Ervin" <glennervin at>
> Well, I booted my boot disk, and my dectalk speaks up like a champ.
> But I have had some problems burning some CDs of the ISOs.
> I did  extract the ISOs into subdirectories called:
> C:\RedHat1, C:\RedHat2, etc..
> But I cannot get the install program to find the installations.
> The installation program keeps looking in /devhda1, and I thought that my
> drive was /devhda .
> Is there a good DOS utility for burning a CD from ISOs?
> Or, how can I tell the install program where to find the installation CDs?
> I also gave it the path names:
> /devhda1 /redhat1
> /devhda /redhat1
> and /devhda1/redhat1
> plus other variations of this kind of path.
> Thanks for any assistance.
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