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Mon Dec 2 19:30:15 EST 2002

You know your message is really confused. I know folks are trying to 
help you, but you really need to read the howto. You will never never 
never get Linux up and running without some reading. Windows and dos 
require reading to understand them. You need to read because this is so 
In Linux there is no drive c: never will be and goes against the whole 
idea of Unix/Linux naming conventions. Learn now and forever not forget 
the following.

/dev/hda is the first ide device on the first ide bus. /dev/hda is 
generally a hard drive, but can be a cdrom.
/dev/hda1 is still the first ide device and lets say a drive, but the 1 
denotes its is the first partition on the first drive.
just as /dev/hdb1 would be the first partition on the second ide device.
I'll assume you have no scsi devices. Floppy drives are /dev/fd0 fd1 
In case you still aren't seeing the point of /dev it is a device /dev is 
the root of a tree of devices just like /dev/ttyS1 is the first serial 
port and so on.
This is why it is important to read the howtos cause they explain so 
much. A really wonderful and incredibly informative site is and there you will find more info than you can 
Go forth and sin no more.<grin> Never say c: to Linux hacks they'll not 
take kindly<grin>. Serioulsy you need to read the howto on how to 
install RedHat and i think you can get all straighten out.
If your having problems burning discs, I'll ofer you two solutions. You 
can find a friend who is running windows or has a burner who can burn 
them or you can send me the proper number of blank discs, I'll get the 
images and burn them for you.
I think the first option would work best. If you are running windows I 
know there are some good programs like narrow that would do, but I 
suspect you have to pay for them first.


On Mon, Dec 02, 2002 at 08:22:25AM -0600, Glenn Ervin wrote:
> Well, I booted my boot disk, and my dectalk speaks up like a champ.
> But I have had some problems burning some CDs of the ISOs.
> I did  extract the ISOs into subdirectories called:
> C:\RedHat1, C:\RedHat2, etc..
> But I cannot get the install program to find the installations.
> The installation program keeps looking in /devhda1, and I thought that my c
> drive was /devhda .
> Is there a good DOS utility for burning a CD from ISOs?
> Or, how can I tell the install program where to find the installation CDs?
> I also gave it the path names:
> /devhda1 /redhat1
> /devhda /redhat1
> and /devhda1/redhat1
> plus other variations of this kind of path.
> Thanks for any assistance.
> "Live long and prosper",
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