Speakup and Mandrake

Thomas Ward tward at bright.net
Thu Nov 29 00:04:50 EST 2001

It is intrresting that you ask. I've just downloaded ttthe 8.1 disks, and
was planning to try my hand at building a full distribution with Speakup in
Mandrake 8.1.

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> hello List:
> Is there plans to have Speakup to be imported to the latest version of
> Mandrake?
> I haven't got a Linux system up yet. As soon as I get one of my friends
> PC's, I'll be making the transition.  By the time it takes for me to get a
> good handle on Linux from an operators point of view, Gnopernicus should
> close to being publicly launched.
> I'm hoping that Speakup and Gnopernicus will be able to work hand and
> Speakup could be used for the partition creation, formatting, installation
> and configuration, while Gnopernicus would be used for GUI accessibility.
> kind regards:
> Michael
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